Frug'Agile in Armenia 2

We are proud to invite you to our new conference.
A conference? No, not so much a conference
but something like a really crazy experience …

Let's do it!

Our intent?

Would you be interested to talk about agility and humanity?

Is something like an agile retreat with people like you from differents locations including
(of course) Armenian people could inspire you?

Would you be interested to stay at a local's house in the deep countryside
of a very welcoming country?

Would you be interested to talk IRL with Agile or CraftsManship or Design experts.

Voilà, this is our intent, to spend a week together with other agilists people
in the heartland of a magnificent and welcoming country that you'll discover from the inside
with other recognized experts .

When ? During the 2022 Autumn vacations (late october - early november). Where ? In a small town, North of Armenia, like Gyumri or Vanadzor. This will be a human and agile adventure, a really crazy project … like us ;o)

So? Let's do it? If you want to learn more about it,
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